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Greenbelt: An Innovative Approach

In the picturesque landscapes of Cheshire's Greenbelt, architectural innovation often faces challenges due to stringent regulations. For Evoke Architecture, a recent project proved to be both a test and a triumph. With limitations on extensions in the Greenbelt, we set out to double the existing house size while adhering to the area's stringent regulations. What resulted was a fascinating journey through the planning process that ultimately led to the approval of a 'Lawful Development Certificate' application, changing the property's 'Use Class,' and securing 'Permitted Development Rights' for a remarkable extension.

The Challenge of Greenbelt Expansion in Cheshire

Cheshire's Greenbelt, known for its breath-taking beauty and natural reserves, strictly governs construction and development. With preservation of the landscape and history as a top priority, expanding existing structures can be a daunting task. Our client's home, once a garage for the Hinderton Hall Estate, was constrained by regulations that prevented any significant extension through the traditional Householder Application route.

The Approach: A Game-Changing 'Lawful Development Certificate' Application

To maximize development space while adhering to Cheshire's Greenbelt regulations, we devised a two-step strategy. The first involved obtaining a 'Lawful Development Certificate,' which allowed us to change the property's 'Use Class' from its historic role as a garage to a Dwellinghouse. This pivotal step opened the door to new possibilities for expansion.

Unlocking 'Permitted Development Rights'

Once the 'Use Class' was successfully altered, we could apply for 'Permitted Development Rights,' a crucial element in our plan to expand the house. This application sought permission for a large side extension that extended half the width of the house, covered the entire side elevation, and projected out to the rear by up to 4 meters. This ambitious expansion was designed to meet the client's needs while ensuring minimal disruption to the Greenbelt environment.

The Approval: A Testament to Innovative Architectural Solutions

The approval of both the 'Lawful Development Certificate' and the 'Permitted Development Rights' was a resounding success for Evoke Architecture. Our dedication to preserving the Greenbelt's integrity while maximizing living space showcased our commitment to responsible and innovative architecture.

Benefits of the Approved Expansion

Our ground-breaking approach to this project achieved more than just regulatory compliance. The client's home will now almost double in size, providing ample space for their needs, without compromising the area's natural beauty. This successful project serves as a testament to our ability to navigate complex regulatory landscapes while maintaining a focus on sustainability, aesthetics, and the client's vision.

Evoke Architecture's recent triumph in obtaining approvals for a Greenbelt expansion in Cheshire demonstrates the importance of innovative architectural solutions in navigating stringent planning regulations. Our strategic approach, starting with the 'Lawful Development Certificate' application, opened the doors to expansion opportunities that previously seemed impossible. The resulting 'Permitted Development Rights' approval now paves the way for a remarkable extension that respects the Greenbelt's integrity while meeting the client's needs. This project serves as a shining example of the intersection between creative architecture and responsible development, providing an inspiring case study for architects and clients alike.

As architects, our innovative approach to this project not only brought about an expansion of the physical space but also expanded the possibilities of architectural design within Cheshire's Greenbelt.


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