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What do we offer?

Let us help you create the perfect project without all the confusing jargon. Our extensive design and construction services offer a one-stop package to bring any project to life. Our team of experienced professionals ensure you get the best results - from design to completion.

Feasibility Drawings

All we need is a location and a short brief. We are often approached to check a sites feasibility, whether it be a potential housing scheme or the conversion of an existing property. Before you commit to any spending we can quickly model up some options and consider planning impact.

Pre-Application Drawings

Another great way of checking a sites potential development is the pre-application planning process. This gives the planners a chance to comment on any projects prior to full submission. Confidentially submitted, it allows us to change the design before issues arise in the full planning application.

Planning Images_Front Corner.jpg

Full Planning Drawings

We regularly produce drawings package and all the supplementary planning documents required for a full planning submission. Our design process covers all the elements required to successfully gain approval from the local planning authority.


Building Regulations

Evoke can provide full detailed drawings suitable for a Building Control submission. Including full specification with construction details and schedules. We work closely with all stakeholders to ensure the design is made reality through careful construction considerations.


3D Visuals

Evoke specialises in 3D design using Building Information Modelling (BIM) Software. We invest heavily into the best software to visualise designs prior to construction. Whether it be in VR or photo-realistic render images we ensure you won't build anything you later regret.

Need CGI visuals only?


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