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Say hello to our team

We believe in creating the best possible design solutions for our clients. Our team of highly skilled and experienced architects are passionate about their craft, and strive to create beautiful and functional spaces that meet and exceed our clients' expectations. We pride ourselves on being a young and vibrant team that focuses on creating unique designs that are tailored to each individual client. Our work speaks for itself, and we strive to create a better and more sustainable future through our work.

Our Team

Our Clients

We work with some fantastic people and companies. Both commercial and residential.

If its an extension or a housing scheme, we deliver the same great service helping each customer from start to finish. Here are a few we are working with:



To produce or suggest through artistry and imagination a vivid impression of reality.


In architecture, "evoke" means translating abstract ideas and concepts into real, physical spaces. As Architects we take creative visions and turn them into practical, built environments, using design to make ideas a reality.

We are SMAS and SSIP Approved


Evoke Architecture takes Health & Safety on all of our projects seriously, enough so that we are SSIP approved and Smas Worksafe accredited.

Smas Worksafe accreditation has been achieved following an assessment of our Health & Safety documentation, and compared against the SSIP Core Criteria, which set out the standards required to achieve accreditation:

- Health & Safety policy and organisation for Health & Safety 

- Risk Assessments
- Arrangements 
- Competent advice

- corporate and construction related 
- Individual qualifications and experience 
- Monitoring, audit and review 
- Workforce involvement

- Accident reporting and enforcement action

- Sub-contracting procedures

- Welfare Provision

- Co-ordinating and co-operating with contractors

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